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A major hazard in the construction industry is GRID MESH lifting and installation with all the tried methods. Many injuries are caused during the lifting and installation of grid mesh including soft tissue to lifelong injuries from falling mesh.

The Grid Mesh Lifter is a new innovation of walkway grating lifting, grid mesh lifting and installation devices being used on oil, gas, mining and construction sites and through government water, electrical and sewage treatment plants.

Companies that have used the grid mesh lifter or walkway grating lifter have noticed a quicker more efficient way to lift walkway grating and grid mesh.

The labor savings alone from the use of our lifter is enough to purchase and use our lifters.

With a WLL of 550kg, it is a must have item on all construction sites where grid mesh lifting, installation or removal is required at heights, or even mobilising at ground level prior to erection.


    Why Choose Grid Mesh Lifter

    • Increase in safety
    • Faster way to lift walkway grating and grid mesh
    • Save on labor costs
    • Unique design
    • Tested To Australian Standard 4991-2004 Cl12.2.

    What our Clients Say

    This is the safest and most effective thing we've found to lift walkway mesh.

    Michael, Ultimate Lifting Products
    Michael, Ultimate Lifting Products